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French Theatre for English Speakers? Yes, it’s possible!

For such an international city, how is the night scene still so French-focused?

Have you seen it before? Parisians lined up, blocking the sidewalk outside a local theatre after work, waiting for entry to see a show, every night of the week.

Haven’t been privy to the familiar scene yet? Be on the lookout and you’ll be surprised at how many small local theatres are dispersed throughout the city.

They’re on your radar now, trust me. Keep a lookout and theatres tend to crop up where you'd least expect! 

Take the Theatre de Ranelagh for example; away from the city center, this inconspicuous establishment is hiding a decadently historical and ornate playhouse inside, once part of a château.

Or the Theatre Edouard VII, the home of Parisian comedy, just a stone’s throw away from the Opéra Garnier but hidden-in-plain-sight in a pedestrian courtyard.

Theatre-Edouard-VII All Things French

French Theatre with English Subtitles! X

The good news is that this not-so-underground theatre scene is no longer untouchable for those of us that aren’t quite up to par with la langue française.

In the past, aside from attending one of the few regular English comedy nights, or the traditional opera or ballet with minimal dialogue, options for English speakers to see a show in Paris were very limited.  

Theatre in Paris was born in 2014 when it's very French co-founder wanted to take his Aussie roommate to a show, and realised that the City of Lights offered literally no options for the poor mate that didn’t speak a word of French.

What was the Solution?

Take a French show and add English subtitles! This boutique company now partners with  theatres and playhouses all over Paris to make French plays, performances, and movies accessible to English speakers. Yay!

Whether just visiting Paris, or here to call the city your home, enjoy a truly French experience and see a show alongside the locals, without worrying about the language barrier.

Tickets can be purchased on online. Concierge bilingual hosts are waiting to meet you at the theatre and offer you a special programme in English, plus insider stories about the show as well as the history of the playhouse.

From comedies to classics, and even a few musicals, there’s always something new playing with Theatre in Paris.


'How to Become a Parisian in One Hour'

Learn to behave like a Parisian. You’ll learn all the main lessons you’ll ever need plus enjoy a Frenchman’s view of some of the more obvious differences between French people and Anglo-Saxons.

This  incredibly entertaining, self-deprecating one-man-show (showing at the Théâtre des Nouveautés) will be a real highlight of your Parisian experience.

‘How to Become a Parisian in One Hour’ has welcomed more than 800,000 spectators since 2009! Until 23 May 2020

‘How to Become a Parisian in One Hour’

LOCATION: Théâtre des Nouveautés, 24 boulevard Poissonnière, 75009 Paris

DURATION: 1 hour 10 minutes. No intermission


'Oh my God, she’s Parisian!'

Julie Collas is the one-woman powerhouse behind 'Oh My God, She's Parisian' that's taking stand-up comedy to great heights at the trendy new Theatre BO Saint Martin!

This one is a bit different. Its a stand-up-style comedy 100% in English by the very Parisian Julie Collas. After years in the US, this born-and-bred Parisian left a successful (albeit buttoned-up) legal career to let her inner comedian roar. Hilarity ensues as she demonstrates just what it is to be a woman in Paris. Live a hectic day in the life of Julie Collas - a Parisian to the core - and have your sides splitting at her endearingly silly French accent.

Oh My God She's Parisian - All Things French

'Oh my God, She’s Parisian' is showing at the at the trendy Théâtre Bo St Martin (19 boulevard Saint-Martin, 3rd, metro République (Lines 3, 5, 8, 9, 11) & Strasbourg St Denis (Lines 4, 8, 9)), the modern new home of stand-up comedy in Paris.

Until 28 December 2019. Not-to-be-missed. Ticket prices start at €19 per person. Book tickets here.


How it works? Simple. Purchase tickets on the online ticketing platform. On the day of the show, meet your bilingual Theatre in Paris host in the theatre entry to hear about the history of the venue and insider information about your play, and receive your special programmes in English.

The translations, or ‘surtitles’ en francais, are projected on a small screen above the stage so that you can follow along with the French audience. Each seat allocated with Theatre in Paris is specially selected to guarantee visibility. Everything is taken care of to ensure you enjoy a night out with the locals!

For more information, visit the Theatre in Paris website and check out their current shows. 

An absolute must if you are visiting Paris and want something truly special to do in the evening. Enjoy a truly memorable night out.

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