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St-Rémy-de-Provence. Discover Heaven in Provence

Few places match the perfection of St-Rémy-de-Provence.

This pretty village near Aix-en-Provence has taken my heart.

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By now you know that I just love beauty and atmosphere, and truly appreciate calm and simplicity. St-Rémy-de-Provence is a dream come true for the stylist and Francophile in me. Everything is clean, with pristine stones and render, and simply acres of pastel shutters. It is the perfect marriage of an understated French aesthetic and gorgeous boutiques, shops, bistros, and cafes. I’m not much of a shopper myself, preferring to travel light, but the styling and presentation of the village centre is truly wonderful.

In St-Rémy-de-Provence, the buildings are simple, with muted lavender, pink, and blue shutters.

Picture-postcard perfection.

As is often the case with rural villages, there is a predominant design aesthetic that is apparent across a region or even just a village. St Rémy has a small and divine range of chalky shades that works deliciously against the blonde, perfectly-maintained stone façades, and paving. Just sublime...

St Rémy is elegant and understated, and surprisingly quiet in the backstreets. My idea of an utterly relaxing and uplifting experience is just walking around these beautiful cobbled rues. I love to get up early before the (other) tourists arrive, and saunter late into the afternoon to catch the beautiful dusk light. Perfect for photography...

St-Rémy-de-Provence has a large, shaded square, bordered by shops, bistros (bien sur!), and delightful vine-clad buildings.

Settle down at any of the plentiful tables under the trees, relax into the ambience, and enjoy a speciality of the region - rosé wine avec pamplemousse.

Even if you are not a fan of grapefruit, the finely-sectioned wedges perfectly balance the sweetness of the chilled rosé. I find it just delicious. Please do try it, but make sure it has the genuine pamplemousse, not the syrup (which, sadly, is becoming increasingly popular).

One stalwart disbeliever in our party tried it and was very pleasantly surprised. It tasted so good! The afternoon was so delightful and the square was becoming even quieter as most people left. Only those lucky enough to be staying in St-Rémy-de-Provence lingered.

Another? Oh yes, please!

Fly in a hot air balloon over the colourful landscapes of Provence in the South of France and the lovely village of Forcalquier. Absolute heaven! Discover more by clicking the link below.

The things I enjoy about St-Rémy-de-Provence.

There is so much to love about this beautiful village. Here are a few things:

  • St-Rémy-de-Provence is beautifully clean. I admit to being a bit of a clean freak, and whilst I adore discovering the hidden parts of even the oldest villages in France, I particularly love the pristine places. 10/10 for this town. Yay!
  • I don't know if it's the layout or that I was just lucky, but walking around this town was remarkably civilised and not-too-busy. (Except on market day, bien sûr!) And be sure to visit the Place Favier, the Place de la République, and the Place Mireille.
  • The cafe culture is just lovely. What can I say? So far, French coffee has a bit of a way to go before it catches up with the very fussy Australian palate. However, the café scene in St Rémy is just fabulous - as you would expect with any bistrot en France. Oh yes, give me an outdoor table and chairs in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and I'm in heaven!
  • Lovely accommodation. St Rémy has many different accommodation options suited to a variety of tastes and budgets. Nice hotels, a lovely range of Airbnb's, and some delightful luxury options also. Take your pick!

Van Gogh's inspirations: A palette of provencal beauty.

The artistic history of Saint-Remy-de-Provence.

One of the most lovely aspects of Saint-Remy-de-Provence lies in its deep connection to the legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh. The village served as a wellspring of inspiration for some of his most celebrated works. As you stroll through the cobbled streets and vibrant market squares, it's easy to see why Van Gogh was captivated by the Provençal charm. The picturesque landscapes, bathed in the golden glow of the Mediterranean sun, still attracts artists and enthusiasts alike to witness the very scenes that fuelled Van Gogh's creative genius.

Venture along the Van Gogh Trail, a journey that leads you to Saint-Paul de Mausole, the psychiatric hospital where Van Gogh sought solace and inspiration. Today, the asylum stands as a testament to the artist's turbulent yet prolific time in Saint-Remy. Explore the lush gardens and tranquil courtyards, imagining the sights that once inspired masterpieces like 'Starry Night' and 'Irises'. The Van Gogh connection adds an extra layer of interest to Saint-Remy-de-Provence, making it a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the very essence of Van Gogh's creative spirit.

Whether you're an art aficionado or simply appreciate the beauty of the surroundings, Saint-Remy's Van Gogh legacy transforms a visit into a visual and emotional journey through the vibrant palette of Provencal beauty.

Things to do in St-Rémy-de-Provence:

  • The Van Gogh walk and Saint-Paul de Mausole monastery: You can do a walk in the footsteps of Van Gogh in Saint Rémy. Enjoy a free walking tour through the places that inspired Vincent van Gogh. A signpost will guide your steps from the historic centre. Start at the Estrine Museum, and head to the Monastery of Saint-Paul de Mausole. The route is marked out by 19 reproductions of his more symbolic paintings.
  • Visit the Glanum archaeological site: This ancient Roman city was founded in the 3rd century BC and is now a popular tourist attraction. The site includes a temple, a marketplace, and several other ruins. Once located at the very crossroads of major routes in the region, Glanum was created from both Greek and then Roman influences. Find out more about this incredible ancient ruin here.
  • St Rémy has loads of boutiques, shops and beautiful local businesses to explore. If you're into shopping, spend some time exploring this paradise. Plus, don't forget the local market on Wednesdays from around 7am to 1pm. Be sure to arrive very early if you are travelling by car or be prepared to park well away from the centre.
  • Take a wine tour: France is, of course, famous for its wine, this region is no exception. There are several wineries in and around St Rémy de Provence that offer tours and tastings.
  • Enjoy a cooking class: The Provence region is known for its delicious cuisine, and there are several cooking schools in St Rémy de Provence that offer classes on how to prepare local dishes.
  • Hike in the Alpilles mountains: St Rémy de Provence is surrounded by beautiful mountains, and there are several hiking trails that offer stunning views of the countryside.
  • Take a drive down to Arles and discover the incredible Roman ruins in the city. Arles is one of the loveliest cities I have ever encountered, and well woth a day trip or a few day's visit.

My Favourite Things to Do Around St Remy de Provence.

Discover Les Baux-de-Provence.

Les Baux is situated on a rocky outcrop with a rich architectural, cultural, and historical heritage, beautifully crowned with a ruined castle overlooking the plains of Provence. Les Baux-de-Provence is considered one of the most beautiful villages in France. Beautiful shops and galleries and stunning views, plus some ancient cathedral ruins and spectacular views. Well worth a visit. Less than 20 minutes’ drive away from Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. Plus, it's just next to the Carrières des Lumières.

Experience Carrières des Lumières.

Carrieres Lumieres is an utterly unique experience that is completely special. Although the show has come to Paris, the location of *this lightshow inside a former limestone quarry is nothing short of spectacular. The cavernous spaces lend themselves particularly well to the visuals and sound presentation of whatever the current show is. First-class visual entertainment, plus it's moments away from Les-Baux-de Provence. Make a day of it. Recommended!

Visit Avignon, the City of the Popes, and tour the Palais des Papes, one of the largest and most important medieval Gothic buildings in Europe.

The Palais is actually two buildings joined together. The old Palais of Benedict XII and the new Palais of Clement VI (the most extravagant of the Avignon Popes). Combined, they form the largest Gothic building of the Middle Ages. Explore its grand halls, Gothic architecture, and the opulence of the papal residence. With rich history, intriguing stories, and stunning views of Avignon, it's a must-see for history and architecture enthusiasts alike. Impressive indeed. About ½ hour away from Saint-Rémy.

Take a walk in the countryside and visit the Pont du Gard.

An ancient Roman aqueduct bridge built in the first century AD to carry water over 50 km (31 mi) to the Roman colony of Nîmes. The Pont du Gard is the tallest of all Roman aqueduct bridges, as well as one of the best preserved. Because of its unparalleled preservation, historical significance, and architectural ingenuity, it was added to UNESCO's list of World Heritage sites in 1985. About 40 km.

You may recognise the village of Gordes as featured in the movie ‘A Good Year’ and shared widely on social media. It’s very picturesque, so try to get there early. Be prepared for some serious shopping (if that’s your thing) and very sweet streetscapes. There are also some spectacular views of the Luberon Valley. About 45 mins drive.

Don’t miss out on Roussillon, the stunning ochre village in the Luberon.

Roussillon is situated in one of the largest ochre deposits in the world and is officially one of The Most Beautiful Villages in France. It is justly famous for its memorable cliffs and quarries in magnificent sunset colours. It’s spectacular hilltop location overlooks the Provençal countryside for miles around and lovely walks can be taken through the colourful cliffs and along the Ochre Trail.

How to get to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.

There are buses from Aix-en-Provence to St-Rémy-de-Provence. I haven’t tried one, but I certainly would if I needed to. It’s not far.

  1. By Air:

    • Fly into Marseille Provence Airport (MRS) or Avignon Provence Airport (AVN), both of which are relatively close to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.
    • Arrange for a shuttle or taxi service from the airport to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.
  2. By Train:

    • Take a train to the Avignon TGV station or the Avignon Centre station.
    • From Avignon, you can either:
      • Take a regional train or bus to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence directly.
      • Hire a taxi or use local transportation services.
  3. By Car:

    • Rent a car and drive to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. The village is accessible by major roads, and having a car allows flexibility to explore the surrounding areas.
  4. By Bus:

    • Intercity buses connect major cities to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. Check bus schedules and routes that include this destination.
  5. By Taxi or Ride-Sharing:

    • Arrange for a taxi or use a ride-sharing service for a convenient and direct transportation option.
  6. Cycling:

    • If you're an adventurous traveler, consider cycling to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, enjoying the scenic landscapes along the way.
  7. Walking:

    • For those who love hiking, explore walking paths or trails leading to Saint-Rémy-de-Provence. This option is more suitable for nearby locations.

My favourite way to travel around regional France is en voiture. On this particular adventure, our ride was a Fiat Bambini. Oh, so cute! As well as relatively inexpensive, and remarkably roomy for 2 adults with luggage.

St Rémy is a lovely place to visit if you enjoy easy walking and accessible sights. The main rue in St Rémy runs entirely around the old village centre, so it’s easy to park on or near this ring road. Then, make your way into the heart of the town via level, carefully-maintained streets.

I would highly recommend visiting St Remy if you are in the region, or even making a special trip. You won't regret it. I've been back 3 times and will definitely go again. Enjoy!

If you have visited St Rémy, let us know about your favourite experiences in the comments.

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  1. I’m so happy I’ve found this blog post. I will be spending 3 days in St. Remy starting April 21. Do you happen to know if there are any poppy fields in the area? I don’t have much of an itinerary. Seeing poppy fields are top priority and I would to visit Glanum. This post has really helped me plan other activities. Merci!

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      Bonjour Becky

      Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog and for leaving a comment on my website.

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      I did a quick Google search and came up with this article:

      I hope it is helpful. Wishing you a fabulous holiday! X

  2. Happy Easter! We are heading to Provence in a few days
    From US flying into Marseille. Debating overnighting there or taking a car service to St Remy from airport. Also where is best to rent a car for exploring the towns around St Remy?
    Thank u!!!!

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      Hi Laura, I haven’t spent any time in Marseille, so I can’t really advise you there. However, I just adore Saint Remy de Provence, and so I would certainly be in a hurry to get up there.

      Regarding hiring a car– I would, and do. There are some bus services around and you could certainly explore them. Rome to Rio is a good website for checking out local services. But a car is just such an easy way to see lots of places in the space of a day or a few days.

      Avignon TGV station is where I hire at my car. It’s about 30 minutes from Saint Remy and you could certainly get from Marseille to Avignon on quite easily.

    2. Laura, I’d recommend renting your car right at the Marseille airport. We did that a few years ago and it was very straightforward. It’s a small airport, just grab your car and then you can be on your way to enjoying Provence. Be sure to brush up on French road signs before you go if you haven’t driven there before. Have a wonderful trip!

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        Hi Laura, how are you?

        I haven’t spent any time in Marseille, so I can’t really advise you there. However, I just adore Saint Remy de Provence, and so I would certainly be in a hurry to get up there.

        Regarding hiring a car– I would, and do. There are some bus services around and you could certainly explore them. Rome to Rio is a good website for checking out local services. But a car is just such an easy way to see lots of places in the space of a day or a few days.

        Avignon TGV station is where I hire at my car. It’s about 30 minutes from Saint Remy and you could certainly get from Marseille to Avignon on quite easily.

        Have a wonderful time!

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      Bonjour Mylene, August has since passed (I was there in France during August, hence no replies on my blog…!) so I am in the midst of planning next years’ Tour. I’ll let you know when I have more deets 🙂

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  3. I so agree with you! We stayed in a lovely air b&b last fall and enjoyed our 10 days going to all of the markets and sightseeing. The Carrieres des lumineres was my favorite ! Spectacular! Also, the beautiful Roman acquaduct was just amazing!

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