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The Enchanting Village of Eze on the French Riviera.

If you haven't been to Eze, it's time it was on your list.

One of my absolute favourite places to visit when I stay in Villefranche sur Mer is the perched hilltop village of Eze. This beautiful village dates back to the middle ages and clings impressively to the mountainside above the Mediterranean Sea, between St Jean Cap Ferrat and Monaco. Panoramic views, ancient façades, and an unbelievable attention to detail are some of the most memorable features of this lovely village.

Eze Village, Cote d'Azur, Le Jardin Exotique | All Things French

Drive along the Moyenne Corniche and enjoy spectacular scenery.

The first time I visited Eze, I arrived on the bus from Villefranche, having been treated to exceptional views of the magnificent coastline of the Côte d’Azur as the Moyenne Corniche winds around the rocky outcrops above St Jean Cap Ferrat, Beaulieu sûr Mer, and Eze sûr Mer.

This is worth the trip alone.

It is literally like something out of a movie, and sets the scene for the extraordinary experience about to come. I actually recommend the bus, because it can be tricky to find a carpark near Eze (go early) plus you won’t miss the view because, happily, you’re not at the wheel.

Unless, of course, you can find some uber-cute guy with a sports car to get you there … One day I'll do that drive in a convertible - with a reliable *someone else* at the wheel. In the meantime, Eze features on my 10-day French Riviera Tour where our wonderful driver, Loïc, captains the vehicle.

Eze Village, Cote d'Azur, Le Jardin Exotique | All Things French

Medieval architecture and stunning details give Eze its universal appeal.

Walk up from the bus stop in Eze. Even if you drive, it's obvious where you need to pull over and park your car. Cross the street, up past some lovely shops, a delightful refreshment spot, as well as the Tourist Information Centre.

Up the steps, dear. It is a bit of a climb. (Note: terrain includes steps and ancient cobblestones, remarkably well-laid, but do wear comfortable shoes).

Immediately, the architecture is enthralling. Centuries-old stonework is set off beautifully by sublime detailing. Exquisite wrought-iron street lamps hang everywhere, pastel shutters gleam in the morning sunshine, and hints of history abound - in carvings, plaques, and dedications to characters from the past.

There are no cars allowed within the precinct, so – especially if you get there early – the silence is tangible. Only the sea at times, a bird, footfalls ... the sound of yourself moving through a sacred space.

What bliss it is to stroll quietly along the slender passages, musing over the lives of the lucky people who dwell in this precious place. There is something extraordinary to see at every turn, some delightful detail to inspire the creative mind, like stepping back into a (beautifully cared-for) historical timeline.

If you are a shopper, you won’t be disappointed with Eze.

The shops and galleries in Eze offer beautiful, quality goods to tempt you. Art, clothing, homewares, and ateliers are dotted along the winding streets amongst closed doors - which lead to other, private lives. Colourful displays, delightful windows, and desirable things call you into the unique shops, some of which are hidden in tiny basements within the extraordinary buildings. There is so much history here...

I'm not a shopper. I was born in Scotland but have lived most of my life in Australia. Je suis né en Ecosse mais j'ai vécu la plus grande partie de ma vie en Australie. At least, I think that's how it goes. Makes me inclined to being a bit frugal 🙂

In my soul, however, I am a Francophile.

I prefer to travel light. I savour getting organised before I go. Or, 'organized' as my American friends would spell it. X

I love to take the opportunity to comb through my possessions and simplify more. I love to let things go.

Intentional living, with a touch of cashmere.

Read more about me ...

Eze Village, Cote d'Azur, Le Jardin Exotique | All Things French
Eze Village, Cote d'Azur, Le Jardin Exotique | All Things French

Enjoy incredible views from the Chateau Eza

I visited the Château Éza, an outstanding 5-star hotel in Eze, offering only 14 rooms and suites, many of which have private balconies with spectacular views of the Mediterranean for your personal enjoyment. In particular, there is a beautiful terrace where mere mortals (like you and I) can go and enjoy coffee, croissants, lunch, or a superb dinner in their divine restaurant.

Be prepared with your credit card, however. Coffee and croissants cost me €18. The coffee is reasonable (as a fussy latte drinker myself), but les petits croissants were superbe, too many for me, several different types. Of course, we have morning tea here on my French Riviera Tour.

And, it's all about the view. Because you're worth it. X


Hotel Eza, Terrace,, Eze, Mediterannean | All Things French
Eze Village, Cote d'Azur, Chateau Eza | All Things French

Literally the pinnacle of the Eze experience is Le Jardin Exotique, located at the very top of the village in the ruins of the original castle walls.

The chateau dates back to the 12th century, however local people (the Èzasques) have occupied this area since 220BC. The gardens showcase a wonderful variety of exotic succulents and xerophytes from around the world, as well as a variety of local species. Enjoy the most stunning views you’ll see anywhere on the coast and experience the serenity and beautiful sculptures as you meander along the pathways. Just beautiful!

Comme toujours, my advice is to go early.

I like to arrive very early (haven’t made it at sunrise yet, but – oh! – what a spectacle that would be). Everyone else starts arriving at 10:30, and you will be tout seul no more…


By Bus

There are two bus routes from Nice to Eze. No.112 and No.82, though on Sundays and holidays only the No.82 runs on a very limited schedule. Don't catch the No. 100 - which goes to Èze sûr Mer - unles you fancy a hike up the mountainside.

Le Jardin Exotique is open:

January, February, March, November, December: from 9am to 4.30pm

April, May, June, October: from 9am to 6.30pm

July, August, September: from 9am to 7.30pm

Admission is between €4 - €6, depending upon the time of year, with group discounts available. Children under 12 are free.

10-day Tours to the French Riviera

Small-group Tours for Women staying at Villefranche sûr Mer on the Côte d'Azur 

10 Days on the French Riviera. Fly into Nice International. Relax, unpack, visit special places, drink wine, shop, and relax with new girlfriends.
Click here to visit the Tour page, or click follow the link below to download the brochure.

Stay in the *heart* of Villefranche sûr Mer. Discover the Côte d'Azur: the hilltop village of Èze, over-the-top Monaco, gentle Antibes, vieux Nice, artsy St Paul de Vence, and more. Lunch at Beaulieu sur Mer, visit Villa et Jardins de Rothschild and the divine Villa Kerylos, explore medieval Italy, and dine in any of the fabulous restaurants in Villefranche.

Go touring and experience those fabulous Mediterranean views, and have lunch in Italy. Breakfast at the celebrated Welcome Hotel, dine by the harbour, and relax in a beautiful apartment in the old town.

Oh, the places, the views, the food, & the shopping..!

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