Travel Around the World with a Carry-on Bag.


I can hear you. Why would anyone want to organise a 6-week holiday to la belle France and travel with an airline-approved, international carry-on bag as their only luggage? Is it even possible? Why would I want it to be possible? Ask my ex. After all, my inexplicable desire to cram 45-odd days of living into a case designed as a weekender would have fit the bill perfectly as one of those, …

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The Strategy of Getting Organised with Storage.


Are you heading off for a while? Travelling? Taking the plunge? Packing your life into boxes and stashing it into storage can be an organised, methodical process. Or, it can be a nightmare – depending upon how you handle it. I like organised. It’s in my DNA. You can learn to be organised. My first stop in dealing with being organised is to have less stuff and fewer things on …

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Clear the Clutter and Get Organised for Travel.

Get Organised With Your Travel - All Things French

I’ve made the decision. Soon enough, I’ll be leaving on that jet plane! Time to get organised Packing to go away for a few months takes some strategy. What to let go of, what to store, what to take? I grew up constantly on the move, a was a fully-fledged, expert packer before I could legally drink alcohol. My family moved suburb, city, state and country every nine months since …

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10 Steps to Make Your Holiday to France a Reality.


One thing I hear repeatedly from people is that ‘one day’ they’ll take a holiday to France. But how to make this happen when family responsibilities, perhaps money, job commitments, and other distractions complicate the simple desire to just go? I have been lucky enough to holiday in France regularly (no mean feat when you consider that I live in Australia!). However, please don’t think that this is because I have family …

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